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motivation, fitness, clean, vegan eating, ultra running, yoga and self love, no matter what the scale says. Cleaning up my body and soul.

Makena, 20, southern california, 5'9'' HW: 145 CW: perfectly happy  take every risk, drop every fear
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FALL in love with Running!!
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Laying here falling asleep and I realized I don’t hate myself anymore. It feels really damn good. I’m whole again

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and i said to my body. softly. ‘i want to be your friend.’ it took a long breath. and replied, ‘i have been waiting my whole life for this.’
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Training for an ultra and eating a plant based diet

Felt like I needed to change things up so I went full vegan and started revving up my goals. Over the last few months I’ve been bouncing between eating a pescatarian diet and a plant based diet and I finally committed to being a veg head, which I’m super stoked about. Still trying to find the balance in my life but it feels like it’s slowly coming together. My actions are finally reflecting the person I want to be and I am learning how to be proud of myself. Most of my excitement is stemming from committing to to running a 50 miler in San Diego next May. Registration doesn’t even open until January but i think about it everyday and use it to push through my training. Logging around 40 miles a week and been sustaining that for about a month. Feels good to get back in great shape!

Still don’t have a concrete training plan for the marathon or the ultra (mostly concerned with the ultra training) so if anyone has any advice on where to find legitimate training schedules or training trips please please message me! I would be so grateful for some guidance!

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Graffiti Falls, CO.

i love this photo so much
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i don’t want to be a part of a college system where plagiarism is a worse crime than rape



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Sprouted grain English muffin topped with avocado, tomato, basil, salt and pepper.
3 notes / REBLOGGluten free, vegan fig bars. Rolled oats, flax, homemade applesauce, cinnamon, lemon juice, agave, handful of almonds and delicious Turkish figs! Found the recipe online and tweaked it because I can never just follow the recipe haha turned out delicious!! The perfect post workout treat :)
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When fruits colour coordinate: A breakfast fruit plate of Mango, Pink Dragonfruit, Pineapple and Plums

Pink! Dragonfruit! It may stain absolutely everything but the colour of pink dragonfruit is so beautiful and I only wish it hadn’t been raining this morning so I could take a picture that would do it justice. It tastes like dragonfruit (but snazzier) and although mango will always always be my favourite fruit (although plum comes in a close second) I can’t help but get a thrill whenever I eat pink dragonfruit.
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Tonight’s yum bowl brought to you by baby spinach, coriander, quinoa, unhulled tahini, red cabbage, lime, red & yellow capsicum, avocado, raw almond & pepitas & a sprinkling of chilli flakes x


This morning, I decided that I really needed to get out into a beautiful long run. No cell service, no company, no music. Just a beautiful trail and strangers to meet. So I headed out on the Conundrum Creek trail which takes you to Conundrum Hot Springs.

It’s a beautiful 8.5 mile trail…